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History Will Judge the War in Iraq Severely

March 22, 2008 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

The confidence of President George W. Bush about a positive judgment, in 20 years, of the war in Iraq is understandable. It is a commonly accepted fact that the contemporaneousness of an event does not necessarily permit one to understand the magnitude and consequences of what has happened. Do you want two good [Read more]

Brazilians to 'Try' Bush for Crimes Against Humanity

December 10, 2005 // O Tempo - Brazil - Portuguese

The 57th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, commemorated today [Saturday], will be great occasion for new manifestations of opposition to North American President George W. Bush. The Brazilian Center of Solidarity for the People and Fight for Peace (Cebrapaz) will promote a series of events [Read more]

Killers of American Nun Confess

December 10, 2005 // O Tempo - Brazil - Portuguese

BELÉM, Brazil: This Friday in Belém a trial began against Rayfran das Neves Sales (“Fogoió”) and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista (“Eduardo”), accused in the death of the missionary Dorothy Stang, after the two admitted to Judge Cláudio Montalvão that they were hired to commit the murder, and began planning it in [Read more]
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