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The Ineffectiveness of Profiling

January 7, 2010 // La Presse - Canada - French

American conservatives are calling – without jest – for a separate security line for all passengers named Abdul or Mohammed. But that wouldn’t have stopped Richard Reid, the terrorist with the booby-trapped shoe, a Brit with Jamaican origins.

Incompetent Terrorism

January 5, 2010 // Le Droit - Canada - French

They failed over Detroit and failed in Denmark: apparently, certain terrorist apprentices are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, as the saying goes.

Obama Betrayed by His Christmas Tree

December 28, 2009 // L'Actualité - Canada - French

(Just this once, without making a habit of it, I will take advantage of my colleague's vacation in order to inform you of our American neighbors . . . ) Finally, blunt proof that Obama is an arrogant communist and a defender of gay people. The American president surely believed he could slip this one by unnoticed, but [Read more]
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