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Bare-knuckled Fight,Different Targets

October 16, 2008 // Le Droit - Canada - French

(Los Angeles)The match between Barack Obama and John McCain went down last night, but the two candidates had different targets in their sights. Barack Obama talked about his views on the issues. John McCain talked about his views on Barack Obama. As soon as the evening started, McCain accused Obama of wanting to [Read more]

War Culture Responsible for Financial Crisis

October 10, 2008 // The Canadian - Canada

However, it is apparent that on at least two levels, the Iraq War was in fact, a direct precursor to the prevailing financial crisis. The first level is the actual cost of the war to the American taxpayer, and the second level is an apparent culture of parasitism against the American taxpayers.

Rate Cuts Reminiscent of 9/11

October 9, 2008 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

This has become a global assault on the economic health of nations and individuals. The International Monetary Fund yesterday called it “the most dangerous financial shock” on markets since the Great Depression.
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