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Bush Happy WithHu Jintao’s Cooperation

January 6, 2009 // Oriental Morning Post - China - Chinese

Last night, National Chairman Hu Jintao received a phone call from American President Bush. Hu Jintao and Bush congratulated each other for 30 years of successful Sino-American relations, and wished that the 30 year anniversary of the establishment of Sino-American diplomatic ties would go well. [Read more]

Economic Disease Made U.S. Hospitals Sick

December 30, 2008 // xinhuanet - China - Chinese

The financial crisis and the recession have not only made U.S. banking, retailing and manufacturing etc. face the music, but also the hospitals. More and more hospitals are in the red, and they have to cut down costs by reducing the staff, postponing construction projects and so on. Hospitals in America employ [Read more]

George W. Bush:An Early Farewell

December 28, 2008 // Xinhuanet/International Herald Leader - China - Chinese

Eight years as president and now almost nobody likes him. Thirty-seven days before the end of his presidency, Bush paid a surprise visit to Iraq and was attacked by “flying shoes”. Compared to all of his predecessors, it seems that George W. Bush's eight-year presidency will be difficult to end on good terms. [Read more]
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