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Why Can’t the Governor Sell Obama’s Seat?

December 16, 2008 // ifeng/The Beijing News - China - Chinese

In order to stop government officials from corruption, some countries have set up tight watchdog groups. In Europe for example, officials are scared of the media’s eye simply because it is a corruption killer. In addition, to publicize the income of officials also opens a door for various monitoring groups to be [Read more]

The Crisis Might Aggravate China—U.S. Imbalance

December 13, 2008 // Caijing - China - Chinese

The thought of a stable market and economy by the U.S. government, is to support corporations and individuals to de-leverage with its high rate of leverage, while China continues to finance the U.S. fiscal deficit. By reporter Wang Jing from Caijing Online The imbalance of the global economy is regarded as one of the [Read more]
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