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The America Obama Leads Will Be Worth the Wait

November 7, 2008 // China Daily - China - Chinese

We believe that Mr. Obama, the winner of the presidential election, together with the Chinese government, will lead Sino-American relations into a new phase, benefiting people in countries all around the world, including the peoples of China and America.

Expert Qian LiWei on Obama's Victory

November 7, 2008 // Xinhua Net - China - Chinese

Host : Dear netziens, a very warm welcome to XinHua Interview on Global Issues. Obama has won the much-followed US election to become the first black president ever elected in the country. We are happy to have with us Professor Qian Liwei, a specialist on U.S. issues from the China Institute of Contemporary [Read more]

Obama's Win and Its Consequences for Social Welfare

November 7, 2008 // Sohu - China - Chinese

With presidential candidate Barack Obama leading in the polls, many people predict that he is about to sit in the White House. However, his success might create new victims (blacks) in the United States. The United States of America is a society where racial matters are brought up daily. Racism has become weaker and [Read more]

Obama: Turning the Economy to the Left

November 6, 2008 // Xinhuanent and the Beijing News - China - Chinese

Obama’s victory has triggered a wide discussion, including on the American people’s wish for change and the new president’s personal charisma. One way or the other, what matters more and what is more profound in the midst of the current financial turmoil is the quiet shift of the orientation of the fundamental [Read more]

Only God Can Fix America; Obama is Not God

November 6, 2008 // China Daily - China - Chinese

The 2008 American presidential elections have come to a close. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, hoping to win, spent the most money in U.S. history and had the longest presidential campaign in history. Will Obama, who carries the expectations of American voters, be able to lead America out of its current [Read more]

Why Did Obama Win?

November 5, 2008 // Caijing - China - Mandarin

Economic crisis, war and dissatisfaction with the Bush administration's policies are the main reasons why Obama was elected, factors that led people to consider reform and to make an extreme response to Obama's slogan of "Change." America has at last elected its first black president - Barack Obama - a sign in this [Read more]

America's Economic Recession

November 4, 2008 // China Daily - China - Chinese

According to the preliminary data released by US Department of Commerce on October 30, American economy in the third quarter shrank by 0.3 percent annual rate, which showed the worst declining rate since the economy contracted at a 1.4 percent pace in the third quarter of 2001. For the time being, the U.S. economy in [Read more]

Unpredictable Universal Suffrage

November 4, 2008 // The People's Daily - China - Chinese

The election of the United States has entered its the final round. Many observers and the media have already predicted Obama’s victory and in some places the Democrats have even begun their celebrations. What's more, a few days ago ABC reported a news titled ‘Perrin will concentrate on 2012 election’. [Read more]
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