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Darroch Leak Reveals Wider Rift in US-UK Relationship

July 17, 2019 // China Military - China - English

Several memos were sent back to the British government by the UK ambassador to the US. Kim Darroch was exposed in the media recently. In confidential correspondences, Darroch commented poorly on the Trump administration, describing it as "dysfunctional", "unpredictable" and "inept". In response, Trump said the US will [Read more]

US Attempts To Play Taiwan Against China Will Be in Vain

July 14, 2019 // People's Daily - China - English

Facing the U.S. State Department’s approval of the sales of a package of weapons worth $2.22 billion to Taiwan on July 8, China expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition. The move of the U.S. has seriously violated the international law, the basic norms of international relations, the one-China [Read more]

US Campaign Portends Tense Ties with China

July 12, 2019 // Global Times - China - English

As the US 2020 election approaches, the Democratic Party has started its "vengeance." Who can defeat US President Donald Trump on behalf of the Democrats is tantalizing the public. During the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 election in late June, 20 candidates made their debut. Foreign policy is [Read more]

The Last Mediator

July 11, 2019 // Ahram Online - Egypt

Behind the scenes, it is Russia that has played the most important role in calming the waters of recent conflicts in the Middle East. Can it play the same role between Iran and the US

America Will Never Declare War on China

July 11, 2019 // The Philippines Star - Philippines - English

There he goes again…. President Rodrigo Duterte last Friday dared the United States to declare war against China, which has been increasing its power projection capabilities in the South of China, parts of which is the West Philippine Sea. The President made this speech in Leyte, where he slammed the US for treating [Read more]
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