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Crossing the Pain Threshold

July 25, 2018 // Zeit Online - Germany - German

For many in the party, the president's friendly visit crossed a pain threshold; ever since the Cold War, mistrust of Moscow runs deep.

It Does Not Hurt Enough Yet

July 21, 2018 // Der Spiegel - Germany - German

Trump is the first U.S. president who seriously means to harm Europe (and Germany). Europeans cannot let this happen any longer.

Which Trump Will Putin Meet in Helsinki?

July 20, 2018 // NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands - Dutch

On Monday, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump need to discuss very sensitive issues. "If I knew what would happen, I would not tell." No, the American president Trump is really not always friendly toward his Russian counterpart Putin. "We are harsher towards Russia than anyone else,"* Trump said on Friday afternoon at [Read more]
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