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John McCain is Exploiting the Georgia Crisis

August 23, 2008 // Welt Online - Germany - German

Since the Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, the positions of the United States and Russia have hardened. U.S. President George Bush warned the Russian leadership of possible consequences. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin blames the United States for aggravating the conflict. Even Obama and McCain are [Read more]

Obama in the Savior Trap

August 22, 2008 // Financial Times - Deutschland - Germany - German

His reputation as political superstar is becoming a heavy burden for Obama. His campaign needs a new direction. Barack Obama’s nomination at the Democratic national convention next week is a mere formality. Politically, however, the Democratic candidate has reached a critical point: the decisive phase of the [Read more]

McCain and the No Man's Land of Citizenship

August 21, 2008 // Frankfurter Allgemeine - Germany - German

Does the candidate perhaps have a “birth defect”? According to the wording of the constitution, whoever wants to become president of the United States has to be a “natural born citizen.” For months now, jurists have been disputing whether or not the Republican presidential candidate John McCain fulfills this [Read more]

Fear of the Black Man

August 20, 2008 // Financial Times - Germany - German

Jerome Corsi has a goal: He wants Barack Obama to lose the U.S. election. A book, in which he disparages the candidate, is already a bestseller only a few days after its release. Obama would not be the first Democratic candidate that Corsi causes to falter. The Presidential election in the United States is becoming [Read more]

Dubious Security

August 19, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

The United States is installing a missile defense system in Poland. For starters, this will deepen the split in NATO even more than the Caucasus war was first thought to have done.

America Will Install Missile Warning System in Israel

August 18, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

New radar system will detect missiles as far as 1200 miles out. American troops will be stationed permanently in Israel for the first time. The USA wants to install a radar system in the Negev desert which could detect possible missile attacks from Iran more quickly than is now possible. Both sides reached agreement [Read more]

The Doomed City

August 18, 2008 // Ruskaia Germania - Germany - Russian

It is absurd to comment on a war, but it took place. There are victims, politicians and generals who try to get in front of the TV cameras. Things can’t be undone: the sea of lies and hypocrisy can’t ever be bailed out. Everyone used the fire of the war to fry their own omelettes, using somebody else’s pain as hot [Read more]
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