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Americans are Divided About the War

March 21, 2008 // Mitteldeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

When the Iraq War began on March 20, 2003 there was a strange mood on the American home front. Americans did not enter this war with flag-waving patriotism, but they also did not harbor many scruples or doubts. The hesitant march into this conflict was based on a reckless trust in the nation’s political leadership, [Read more]

The U.S. Confronts the Limits of Power

March 20, 2008 // Koelnische Rundschau - Germany - German

The candidate was in a good mood despite wearing the bulletproof vest. When the Republican presidential candidate John McCain arrived last weekend in Iraq, his visit served one primary purpose: he wanted to showcase his credibility and experience in military affairs. The fact that he happened to pick the most [Read more]

Is Hillary Clinton the Democrats’ Claudia Roth?

March 17, 2008 // Die Welt Online - Germany - German

Hillary Clinton has ended Barack Obama's 12 state winning streak. Yet, her success could lead to a real test for the Democrats. The most loyal supporters of the two rivals could actually, out of wounded pride, stay at home during the November presidential election. Is Hillary Clinton the Claudia Roth of the [Read more]

The “Ick-Factor”

March 14, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Alan Dershowitz, the American top lawyer who became famous with the defense of O.J. Simpson, says that “in Europe, Spitzer’s prostitute scandal wouldn't even make the back pages of the newspaper”.

Human Rights A Dishonest Game

March 12, 2008 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

We get two news items from the US on the same day concerning human rights. The first report: China is no longer on the list of the top ten human rights abusers in the report issued by the US State Department on human rights. Report number two: the Democrats in the House of Representatives failed in their effort to [Read more]

“Superdelegates” Decide Primaries in USA

March 11, 2008 // Nuernberger Nachrichten - Germany - German

Neither Obama nor Hillary is able to obtain a majority – US Democrats face a crucial test WASHINGTON – Wyoming, Mississippi, Pennsylvania. The primary carousel among the U.S. Democrats keeps spinning, and as of now, a clear decision has not yet emerged. After 45 primaries and 28 million votes, the balance of power [Read more]

The German Fascination About Obama

March 6, 2008 // NetZeitung - Germany - German

Election campaign in the United States The German fascination about Obama Germany is eagerly watching the U.S. pre-election campaign. Not one day passes without the “Phenomenon Obama” being discussed in the media. But would an Obama also be possible in Germany? Jens Teschke lets his mind wander. [Read more]
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