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Too Many TV Commercials?

June 15, 2008 // - Germany - German

NOTE: The following is excerpted from an article covering several aspects of German television programming and regulation. None of it is applicable to television in the United States except this segment. The next time you moan and groan because of television commercials, just thank your lucky stars you don’t live [Read more]

Will Bush Convert to Catholicism?

June 15, 2008 // Berliner Morgenpost - Germany - German

Is George Bush contemplating converting to Catholicism? The rumor pot is boiling in Rome. As Bush strolls through the Vatican gardens with Pope Benedict XVI, Italy’s media speculates about a possible religious crossover for the evangelical U.S. President. What’s certain is that the Pope granted Bush a private [Read more]

Sisyphus Was Luckier

June 13, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Recession fears are making the rounds in the USA. Whoever moves into the White House can quickly come to ruin or become a truly great president. Last Saturday, as Hillary Clinton was conceding the primary election to Barack Obama and calling for party unity to support him, the lead story in the Washington Post was [Read more]

Who is Michelle Obama?

June 13, 2008 // Bild - Germany - German

When the primaries started, I sent my colleague Karl Wendl an email: “Obama’s wife radiates something. She’s got more sex appeal in her little finger than all the first ladies since Jackie Kennedy put together.” I admit I had personally decided during the course of the campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton and [Read more]

The American President Must be Dyed-in-the-Wool American

June 13, 2008 // N-TV - Germany - German

In the United States, only the President has to be a dyed-in-the-wool American--that's prescribed by the Constitution. However, the 304 million people who elect the President are diverse like no others. Whether European, Latino, Asian, or African--each region sends more immigrants to the US than to any other country. [Read more]

America in a Tight Spot

June 10, 2008 // Bild Zeitung - Germany - German

"America is caught between a rock and a hard place. Exploding energy prices and the rising cost of living - on one side and a stuttering economy with little to no growth expected on the other." Last week I reported on the rising cost of living in New York and nation-wide in America. A few readers wrote me back: [Read more]

What Fascinates Americans About John McCain

June 9, 2008 // Die Welt - Germany - German

U.S. Election Campaign The Republican candidate was shot down over Hanoi, tortured in prison, and almost killed. Today John McCain is 71 years old, prone to fits of anger, and combative. He is a hero for many Americans, exactly like the younger Obama. The battle between the two for the Presidency will be difficult. [Read more]

Is He a Real Man?

June 8, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Young, elegant and eloquent: Barack Obama is on his way to the White House-–and could fall into the Wimp-Trap, because that which helps him globally could hurt him at home. That’s the way we would prefer the American President: better elegant than swaggering, better eloquent than rowdy. He should reject the death [Read more]
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