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History, Essence, and Limits of Televised Debates

November 14, 2019 // The Guardian - Nigeria

The essence of televised political debates would be appreciated in a society, such as America or Great Britain, where prospective voters can see it as an opportunity to evaluate the policies, preparedness and demeanor of those who seek to govern them.

A Corrupt White House

November 12, 2019 // The Guardian - Nigeria

From the onset of Trump’s presidential term, almost everything he touched seemed tainted with traces of ‘the swamp’, if not mired in unequivocal corruption.

What if Donald Trump Wins a Second Term?

October 25, 2019 // The Guardian - Nigeria

Donald Trump’s possible second term portends the hardening of a nationalist and isolationist politics that shut America and Europe into themselves, and could critically undermine the multilateralism that defines the old world order which Trump has assiduously been trying to undermine.
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