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The Disputed Arctic

August 28, 2015 // Zavtra - Russia - Russian

The U.S. is now preparing its own claim to the Arctic shelf for the U.N. Commission in 2020, despite the fact that the U.S. did not sign UNCLOS in 1982.

America’s New Racism

September 2, 2010 // Dagsavisen - Norway - Norwegian

New racism springs from old prejudices, and new phenomena like the tea party movement. One of the leaders of this movement wrote an imaginary letter from “the colored” to president Abraham Lincoln, where he claimed that they preferred slavery instead of having to work for a living. There are no limits to how racism is expressed.

“No One on Wall Street Has an Afro”

July 10, 2010 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

<b>African-American hair stylists are using dangerous chemicals and hair from Indian women to make blacks in America look like their white sisters. This market is controlled by a network of Koreans.</b> “100 percent Indian hair coming soon,” a handwritten note says in the hair salon Glam-R-Us on 4th Avenue in [Read more]

He Is Taking Charge

March 30, 2010 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

One thing we have learned from the fight over health care reform is that Barack Obama had to engage strongly, personally and mobilize his own party. His bipartisan appeals fell on deaf ears. What now? That is the question after Congress confirmed the bill to get health care to Americans. Extra time was needed to make [Read more]
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