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Democracy Threatened

August 6, 2018 // Publico - Portugal - Portuguese

<i>The preliminary proof of Facebook’s influence on the manipulation of democracy is there. The prophecy of “Brave New World” is about to materialize.</i> Last weekend, the first results of an official inquiry into digital political manipulation in electoral processes became known. A committee of the British [Read more]

Donald Trump’s Moment of Glory

June 26, 2018 // Jornal i - Portugal - Portuguese

You may not like him, but if he leaves the resolution of the eternal problem of North Korea as his legacy, then, strangely enough, the world will still have to thank him.

Trump’s Arsenal

May 17, 2018 // Diario de Noticias - Portugal - Portuguese

If it were a military budget just by itself, the increase in U.S. defense spending predicted by Donald Trump for 2019 would be the third highest, only behind America’s own and the Chinese. We are speaking about the addition of $90 billion to the $610 billion revealed yesterday in the annual SIPRI report [of 2017 [Read more]
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