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N. Korean Nuclear Issue Not Just Between N. Korea and U.S.

May 9, 2009 // Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

After the launch of North Korea’s “satellite,” the U.S. and Japan reacted violently, demanding sanctions on North Korea. In China, with Russian mediation, the U.N. Security Council adopted a non-binding chairman's statement accusing North Korea of violating resolution 1718 in hopes that North Korea would return [Read more]

Facing the "Open Veins of Latin America"

April 29, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

In contemporary, international social intercourse, the exchange of books by political leaders is not something one hears of very often. There are probably two reasons for this. One is that a book is the carrier of thought, and if given to the wrong person, could turn out to be a boring affair. The other is that in [Read more]

Is It OK Not to Give?

April 21, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

The bonuses for high-level executives at AIG have caused much trouble, and the fat paychecks paid to the big shots in American corporations have given rise to public criticism. It is an issue that developed from the economic tsunami, one that U.S. President Barack Obama had to chastise sternly because saving the market [Read more]

Obama's Realist Foreign Policy is Set in Motion

March 4, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

From February 16th to the 22nd, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made official visits to four nations in Southeast Asia, namely Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and China, thereby completing her first mission as secretary of State. Soon after her return to the U.S., Mr. Obama welcomed his first foreign leader [Read more]

China-U.S.-Japan Love Triangle

March 4, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

Japan has kept itself occupied by concerns over whether the new administration would lean more towards China and whether it would continue to regard Japan as its most important strategic partner.
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