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Ebola Virus: Not a Purely African Problem

October 1, 2014 // Wiener Zeitung - Austria - German

<i>An Ebola-infected person has landed on U.S. soil. The deadly virus can be transmitted to all corners of the world.</i> Ebola is no longer an entirely African problem, as the first case of the deadly disease to be diagnosed outside the continent has occurred in the United States. The patient arrived in America [Read more]

Obama, Osama: Same fight, According to Fox News

June 1, 2008 // Afrik - France - French

Hillary Clinton’s blunder has left a trail. The senator from New York explained that she was staying the course in the democratic primaries notably, because in June 1968 Robert Kennedy was assassinated. This was an announcement that some had interpreted as a secret desire for harm to come to Barack Obama, her rival [Read more]
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