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Afghanistan: Taliban Gives Trump a Reality Check

September 21, 2019 // Le Monde - France - French

In a tweet on Saturday, Sept. 7, the U.S. president called off negotiations on the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan. This is a major failure for Washington. Donald Trump cannot be blamed for his commitment to keeping his campaign promises. However, he also has another obsession: to distinguish himself from [Read more]

Trump Fires Hawkish National Security Chief Bolton

September 13, 2019 // The Independent - Uganda - English

President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced the firing of hawkish national security advisor John Bolton, a move widely seen as boosting the president’s push to negotiate with US foes in Afghanistan, North Korea and other trouble spots. Trump, who said he had disagreed “strongly” with Bolton on policy, announced [Read more]

The United States: Expert in Buying Up Countries

August 27, 2019 // Capital - France - French

<i>While the American president suggested the idea of purchasing Greenland, this process has widely been used by the United States to enlarge its territory.</i> It is a classic of American history. To take over a territory rich in resources, the U.S. pulls out a wad of cash. Indeed, The Wall Street Journal revealed [Read more]

The Trump Doctrine: A Look into the Future

August 2, 2019 // El Salvador - El Salvador - Spanish

Throughout history, American presidents have been recognized for their diverse and creative approaches to foreign policy. President Truman talked about “containing” the Soviet Union; Eisenhower, about a “new look”; Kennedy, of a “flexible response”; and Reagan, about “peace through strength.” With the [Read more]
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