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The Country Before the World of Trump

April 3, 2017 // La Nación - Argentina - Spanish

Argentina must keep away from possible confrontations between the United States, China and Russia, and maintain the best bilateral relations possible with each of these powers.

From Russia with Love (Trump vs. the Media)

March 17, 2017 // Clarín - Argentina - Spanish

One person, acting alone, could be explained as someone taking personal initiative. Two people very close to Donald Trump and doing the same thing is harder to explain as a fluke. It smells perfectly deliberate and underscores the Democrats’ accusation about the defeat of Hillary Clinton: that the Republicans agreed [Read more]

A Milestone in the Era of Climate

September 21, 2016 // Diario de Cuyo - Argentina - Spanish

The resolute decision by the presidents of the United States and China to lead the global effort toward attenuating global warming caused by climate change is one of the decisive and successful measures of the Paris Agreement: to get the planet’s most polluting nations involved. Last Saturday, Barack Obama and Xi [Read more]
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