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Iraq: Permanent Extension

January 15, 2009 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

Why would Bush and the ghostlike people in his government construct such a complex if they actually intend to remove their aggressive troops within two years.

Obama and Latin America

December 26, 2008 // La Nacion - Argentina - Spanish

The Cold War is over in a large part of the world and would be difficult to resume: Russia is a dissatisfied, but not a revisionist power, while China continues its global ascent as a moderate and pragmatic power. The only place where the Cold War persists is Latin America. The main challenge Barack Obama faces with [Read more]

Hunger in New York

December 9, 2008 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

It will be difficult for those who believe in an American paradise to accept that the United States has a steadily increasing percentage of citizens without access to sufficient food. The Hunger Index shows that consumption dropped one percent last October in what was the largest fall since the recession in 2001. At [Read more]

The Obama Style

November 22, 2008 // La Nacion - Argentina - Spanish

The meting of the President-Elect of the United States with McCain reflects a new form of politics that should be embraced As if there had been no winners or losers in the elections, the President-elect of the United States, Barack Obama, met with his adversary, John McCain, and showed himself willing to receive his [Read more]

Bush: Couldn't Be Worse

October 5, 2008 // La Nación - Argentina - Spanish

In every financial crisis, people’s expectations play a fundamental role in its intensity and, from my point of view, President Bush made sure to emphasize a sense of panic by presenting the financial rescue package as a question of life or death for the American economy. Taking also into consideration Bush’s urgent [Read more]

No Waiting in Line

October 3, 2008 // La Nacion - Argentina - Spanish

There are no lines. There are no large demonstrations or picket signs. There are no protests at the offices of Wachovia, the bank that had to be sold quickly to Citigroup on Monday. Nor are there a lot of people in front of Sovereign Bank, one of the banks whose shares are being punished these days because it is [Read more]

Shannon: Latin America is a Region of Opportunities

August 27, 2008 // La Nacion - Argentina - Spanish

The Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Tom Shannon, said today that “Latin America is a region of opportunities” for the United States, a zone where his country “should be present.” The official from the administration of George W. Bush tried again to improve relations between the two [Read more]

Preliminary Approval to Open Secret CIA Archives

July 17, 2008 // Pagina 12 - Argentina - Spanish

The United States House of Representatives gave preliminary approval today to a project that instructs the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to declassify secret archives to assist in the search for children of the “disappeared” during the last military dictatorship in Argentina, as announced today by the Argentine [Read more]

Kucinich Initiates Bush Impeachment!

July 6, 2008 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

With the characteristic indifference of mass media, and against the majority of his party, the congressional Democrat from Ohio Dennis Kucinich, presented the 35 articles of Constitutional accusation to the Congress - known as Impeachment - against Bush on June 9th.
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