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Colombian Servility Toward Washington Must Be Ended

April 26, 2007 // Argen Press - Argentina - Spanish

Colombian-Spanish journalist Salud Hernández-Mora, speaking from the heart and soul on the editorial page of El Tiempo, the last remaining nationally circulated newspaper in Colombia, has published a stirring article “The Worn Out Kneepads,” where she wrote that, “it's now time to take up a national collection [Read more]

Bush: No President Ever Harmed His Country as Much

April 26, 2007 // Argen Press - Argentina - Spanish

Bush is the only U.S. commander-in-chief to have initiated one war, only to have lost three. He never managed to catch bin Laden nor destroy al-Qaeda; he failed to defeat terrorism; he wasted the political capital awarded him by September 11th; and public opinion has come to detest him. The nation, once indulgent of [Read more]

Alberto Gonzales: Bush's Latest Mexican Fall Guy

March 26, 2007 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

After General Ricardo S. Sánchez paid for the broken plates at Abu Ghraib, Alberto Gonzáles, Attorney General of the United States, stands to be the second descendent of Mexicans to be sacrificed for naught by Bush. It's one or the other: either Gonzáles has lost the faculty of reason, or the firing of eight [Read more]

Contemporary Fascism in the United States

October 2, 2006 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

A Soviet-era documentary about fascism summarizes the absurd package of lies that the Nazis employed to justify their supposed superiority over other peoples on this planet, as well as their brutal crimes committed against humanity. In Germany back then, speeches about a "pre-existing need" to fight "wars of ethnic [Read more]
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