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U.S. and Israel: Cleaning Up the Rubble

July 8, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

Amid all the assurances and goodwill exchanged by Obama and Netanyahu during their meeting in Washington, both sides know what all of this is ultimately about: a Palestinian state.

Obama at Ground Zero in the Middle East

June 3, 2010 // der Standard - Austria - German

The president is playing it cautiously, but this is the exact moment when strong leadership is needed. The time is just a few days ago. The place is the lobby of a luxury hotel in Vienna. It is late evening, and a former top official of the U.S. State Department is just too tired to make any bones about it: “It’s [Read more]

Military Aid on the Rio Grande

May 29, 2010 // die Presse - Austria - German

Arizona is Obama’s Burgenland, and he’s sending troops to the border.* But he has an even worse problem: the Tex-Mex drug Mafia. Who remembers the TV crime series “Miami Vice?” Sonny Burnett and Ricardo Cooper tracked down drug couriers and money launderers in Miami. The downtown area was a dangerous hotspot [Read more]

A Senseless Ultimatum

May 29, 2010 // der Standard - Austria - German

Throwing BP out won’t help close off the oil leak and stop the already rampant oil spill. The USA is flexing its muscles. The threat “We’ll get you” isn’t being directed at some rogue terrorist regime this time, but at the British oil company BP. If their engineers aren’t soon successful in plugging the [Read more]

A Scapegoat Steps Down

May 26, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair was forced to leave following accusations of conspiracy from CIA Director Panetta. For the send-off, there was the usual consolation. Dennis Blair did his job as an intelligence director "admirably" and "effectively," Barack Obama wrote on Thursday. In reality, it [Read more]

Britain Seeks Quick Afghanistan Withdrawal

May 26, 2010 // die Presse - Austria - German

Liam Fox, Great Britain’s new Minister of Defense, wants to withdraw British units from Afghanistan as quickly as possible, saying Great Britain is not “a global policeman.” The British government, according to their new Minister of Defense Liam Fox, wants a speedy withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan. [Read more]
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