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Government Loses State

March 19, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

U.S. Strategy in Somalia Did Not Pay Off Somalia’s government had to pay a high price for the latest cooperation with a rebel group: government participation. This new power-sharing shows Mogadishu’s desperation. The attempt to establish the transitional government with the use of international help since 2004 has [Read more]

Diplomacy for Dunces

March 12, 2010 // die Presse - Austria - German

<b>Israel’s government seems to have a problem with presenting its concerns prudently.</b> Where are the days of great Israeli diplomacy? Whence the days of Abba Eban as first emissary of his country before the United Nations, who later, as Foreign Minister, eloquently presented Israel’s concerns with [Read more]

The Sick Finish to Healthcare Reform

March 4, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

Thoughts about a health care system that doesn’t want to make you healthy, personal experiences with it, and what effects the Massachusetts Senate election might have on Obama’s most important domestic initiative. Health! Where is your care? We’re* among the lucky ones; we have health insurance. I’m on my [Read more]

No Breakthrough at the Healthcare Summit

February 27, 2010 // Der Standard - Austria - German

Obama: "This became a very ideological battle.” The summit on healthcare reform revealed a huge divide between Republicans and Democrats on the subject. At Blair House, Washington’s most elegant guesthouse, Barack Obama met with his Republican opponents to discuss his controversial healthcare reform plans. [Read more]

Porsche Threatened with Extinction in America

February 25, 2010 // Kurier - Austria - German

Obama is planning new fuel economy standards for automobiles. For German sports car manufacturer Porsche, that could have fatal consequences. The German sports car maker Porsche is threatened with stiff penalties and even a possible withdrawal from the American market. The reason is new U.S. fuel economy standards [Read more]

Waiting Instead of Fighting

February 16, 2010 // der Standard - Austria - German

<b>The latest major Afghan offensive is apparently supposed to represent victory for President Obama’s new strategy in the Hindu Kush</b> "Operation Moshtarak will mark the start of the end of the insurgency," said Brigadier James Cowan, commander of British troops in Helmand Province. That sounds grandiose, but [Read more]

How To Arouse America

February 12, 2010 // Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria - German

It’s hard to tell what goes on in Americans' minds. Or maybe we Austrians, in our ski-crazy nation, have become so oblivious that we’ve lost the ability to see the sex appeal in an ordinary downhill skiing position. At any rate, Lindsey Vonn’s downhill tuck on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine caused all [Read more]

To Obama, the EU is a Pesky Child

February 6, 2010 // die Presse - Austria - German

<b>As long as Europe fails to present a unified foreign policy, the United States won’t take it seriously.</b> Many Europeans might consider Barack Obama’s decision to decline taking part in the European-American summit in Spain this spring an insult. From the point of view of a U.S. president under such [Read more]

Has Europe Been Written Off?

February 4, 2010 // der Standard - Austria - German

<b>President Obama’s refusal to take part in the European/U.S. summit planned for the end of May in Madrid is more than just a slap in the face to the Spanish President of the European Union.</b> In just slightly less than one year, President Obama stands with his back to the wall and the consequences for his [Read more]
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