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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Trump and Rouhani at the United Nations

October 5, 2017 // Excélsior - Mexico - Spanish

The president of the United States emphasized his disapproval of the agreement signed between the P5+1* and Tehran aimed at restricting Iran’s nuclear program. He described the pact as a disaster and suggested that it should be torn up. The tone and content of Donald Trump’s discourse in front of the United [Read more]

A Very Remarkable Statement by Obama

January 24, 2015 // NRC - Netherlands - Dutch

I already predicted that 2015 would not bode well for the Middle East. Assad, the Islamic State group and Egypt's el-Sissi are each in their own way ensuring this is the case. And Erdogan. And the militias that are tearing Libya apart. But there is also one potential glimmer of light. Iran. At least a deal with [Read more]

The Hardliners in Washington and Tehran

December 19, 2014 // Veja - Brazil - Portuguese

Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran analyst based in Washington speaks succinctly, about Obama's wishes in the Iranian nuclear crisis; in the two last years of his term, the president wants to stop the regime in Tehran from making a bomb, but also does not want to bomb its nuclear installations. Keeping indefinite negotiations [Read more]