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Why and How the United States Became a Judas Iscariot

May 5, 2016 // Akhbar Al Khaleej - Bahrain - Arabic

The rest of the people in the world, despite their recognition of American leadership in more than one field, believe that America achieved what it did by plundering and exploiting the wealth of peoples and marginalizing those peoples.

We Want To Understand

April 28, 2016 // Akhbar Al Khaleej - Bahrain - Arabic

After what Obama said, it is no longer acceptable for us to take the position that “we’ve been fooled” by this kind of crafted talk and that we need to consider the matter.

According to Obama … the Sunni Do Not Exist

May 1, 2015 // Akhbar Al Khaleej - Bahrain - Arabic

Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi visited the U.S. and held talks with U.S. President Obama. At the press conference following the meeting between al-Abadi and Obama, the American president spoke about the situation in Iraq and the relationship with the Iraqi regime. Something Obama said was extremely dangerous because [Read more]
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