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What Hillary Clinton’s Past Tells Us About Her Future

October 31, 2016 // Veja - Brazil - Portuguese

<i>She won’t have to pass herself off as 'nice' any longer — but she will have to have a good crisis manager.</i> In the past, they’d been young, good looking, ambitious and formidably successful; the latter of the two aforementioned characteristics are now carrying Hillary Clinton — who turned 69 years old [Read more]

The Hate Campaign Against Hillary Clinton

August 29, 2016 // La Prensa - Panama - Spanish

In the history of the United States, I don’t think there has ever been as much time and money spent on discrediting a political figure as there has been on Hillary Clinton. Twenty-five years ago, the leaders of the Republican Party, with their paid attack dogs, launched a hate campaign against Bill Clinton’s wife. [Read more]

Clinton Clearly the Democratic Front-runner

November 7, 2015 // Al Hayat - Pan Arab - Arabic

It seems that Hillary Clinton is on the road to victory for winning the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, although of course this is not a settled issue. There may be something unforeseeable down the road that we can't yet take into account. I say this on the basis of Clinton's victory in the debate with her [Read more]

Those Damn Republicans

October 31, 2015 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

The Gowdy committee has gobbled up as much as $4.5 million of taxpayers' money, a rather hearty sum given the Republican ideology resting on a deep disdain for the federal government.

Hilarious Clinton: ‘We Are the President!’

October 29, 2015 // Gândul - Romania - Romanian

<i>I called her America’s Tin Woman. That was in April, when she had just announced her candidacy. At the beginning of next year, she will be the Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidency of the United States.</i> Inside her party, she has no competition. Unfortunately, I can’t find a Republican who [Read more]
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