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Bernie Sanders

When ‘Outsiders’ Lead the Pack …

September 3, 2015 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

The campaign for the presidential election could have taken a civilized turn. Hillary Clinton among Democrats, Jeb Bush among Republicans: two well-known names, holding consensus positions within their parties. But it is outsiders who are in the forefront. Donald Trump, early on regarded as entertainment, is now [Read more]

The Paradox of Hillary Clinton

August 25, 2015 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

Democratic U.S. President Harry Truman, criticizing the incongruity and cynicism of Republican Richard Nixon, once said that Nixon was a man who could chop down a tree one moment, and in the next, climb up the fallen trunk to give a talk about nature conservation. Nowadays, it's Hillary Clinton who is notorious for [Read more]
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