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Bill and Hillary Clinton

Elections in the US: Singing Rancheras

June 6, 2015 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Porfirio Diaz declared to the foreign press (Creelman 1908) that Mexico was ready for democracy. One hundred years later, democracy is still not ready for Mexico. While we continue to trip on our shoelaces on the eve of the midterm elections, the presidential race is beginning in the U.S. It's likely that it will come [Read more]

America’s Two-Family System

April 19, 2015 // Kommersant - Russia - Russian

<i>The Clintons and the Bushes Will Meet in the U.S. Presidential Election.</i> The upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election promises to be a political duel between members of two infamous families. On one side, the wife of the 42nd American president, Hillary Clinton. On the other, the younger brother of the 43rd [Read more]