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The Era of Reptilians

April 8, 2019 // El Pais - Brazil - Portuguese

We will have to inspect the narratives of disinformation and also check the attempts of the big platforms to stop them.

Two Big Friends

April 2, 2019 // La Prensa - Nicaragua - Spanish

[A]t the end of the meeting, President Trump affirmed, “The United States and Brazil are also united in support of the long-suffering people of Cuba and Nicaragua.”

A Compulsory Ally

March 30, 2019 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

Trump ... doesn’t intend to back down from his plans to overthrow the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Trump’s Triumph

March 29, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

Drawing any conclusion about the severity and extent of such conduct depends on the release of the full report.

Trump under Attack

March 14, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

As predicted, the hearing blew the feud between the Republicans and the Democrats wide open.

On Standby

February 20, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

<i>Relocating an embassy is the kind of promise the government would rather forget.</i> Apparently, the idea of relocating the Brazilian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is falling within the realm of campaign promises the government would rather see forgotten. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and [Read more]
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