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F.B.I.: No Birthday at 100

August 10, 2008 // Jornal do Brasil - Brazil - Portuguese

It was concrete proof that the F.B.I. had, once again, messed up. One more case of incompetence would be added to the centenary history of a police agency which has a record fat with nonsense.

Sleeping with the Enemy

August 8, 2008 // Estadão - Brazil - Portuguese

Yes, the world is no longer bipolar, and the love hate relationship between the U.S.A. and China cannot be looked at through the eyes of the past. But the rivalry between the two definitely exists—and the Olympics translate that rivalry in some form, although it has not been reduced entirely to it.

It's No Use, They JustDon't Like Football

August 7, 2008 // Folha - Brazil - Portuguese

Last week, I had to travel to the United States for work. Since I was already there, I took the opportunity to ask various Americans (and the Latinos didn't count) the reasons why they can’t seem to fall in love with our football, which they call soccer. Let’s look at seven answers that remind me of some of the [Read more]

Doha – U.S. Promises New Proposal for Subsidy Cut

July 22, 2008 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

The principal American voice for commercial negotiations said this Monday that the United States is ready to present a new proposal to cut their agricultural subsidies, one of the developing world's greatest demands in going ahead with negotiations for the liberalization of global trade. "We know that we must make [Read more]

Prepare For Spectacular Political Campaign

June 5, 2008 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

Barack Obama may appear to be young for a candidate to the United States’ Presidency, but the person that writes an autobiography at 33, as he did, seems to have sufficient maturity. “Dreams of My Father” is a rather expressive document of a man who had spent the greater part of his adolescence in the attempt of [Read more]

Obama Makes History and Hillary Makes A Great Speech

June 4, 2008 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

The United States is making history at this moment in choosing, for the first time, a black man as the official candidate of the Democratic party. Barack Obama entered the campaign against a frank favorite and turned the tables within months of intense dispute in an overwhelming and emotional campaign which filled [Read more]

Obama vs. McCain: A Shower of Money

June 4, 2008 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

If no one is capable of betting on who will be the future North American president, one thing is for sure: the campaign will most certainly not come cheap. On the contrary, it is a factory of money, on the one hand, and a bottomless pit on the other. A battle is being waged between the "experience" of the Republican [Read more]
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