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British Parliament

Demagogues in Power

September 9, 2019 // Les Echos - France - French

..[T]he scales of values are changing, and we are getting increasingly used to raging tweets, to abrasive decisions, and even to insults.

Democracy Threatened

August 6, 2018 // Publico - Portugal - Portuguese

<i>The preliminary proof of Facebook’s influence on the manipulation of democracy is there. The prophecy of “Brave New World” is about to materialize.</i> Last weekend, the first results of an official inquiry into digital political manipulation in electoral processes became known. A committee of the British [Read more]

UK Wants to Leave EU Because It Was Hurt Too Much

February 29, 2016 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

<i>The British government has decided to hold an election, the EU referendum, on June 23 to decide whether the country will stay in the EU.</i> Unlike Germany and some other continental European countries, the British citizen-society has had a longer history and is therefore more powerful. The “little government, [Read more]