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What They’re Not Telling Us

April 1, 2015 // Le Nouvelliste - Haiti - French

Spread the word because they don’t always tell us to our face: Haiti is not the center of the world. Barack Obama, the American president, does not wake up every morning asking what his annoying neighbors are up to. Yes, Haiti is more of an annoyance than anything else. Out of politeness, the Americans do not always [Read more]

Without Comparison

October 24, 2014 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>Changes have put Ebola back on track, but political responsibilities should be clarified.</i> The fact that there has been a case of Ebola infection of a health worker in the United States and that the confidence in the American health care system has been affected by this should not mean that the government [Read more]

Ebola Is Also Infecting US Politics

October 21, 2014 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

Nurses unions threaten strikes, denouncing the safety training given to health care professionals concerning the proper use of hazmat suits, claiming that it lasted only 10 minutes, and report that their members feel "unsupported, unprepared, lied to and deserted." The opposition accuses the government of not [Read more]
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