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Venezuela: Obama Provokes Disappointments in the Region

April 8, 2015 // Clarín - Argentina - Spanish

The astonishing U.S. official declaration that Venezuela has become “an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security and foreign policy,” appears to confirm the very poor foreign policy of Obama with this part of the continent. If it were trying to discredit the Chavez regime, was it necessary to affect [Read more]

Another Repeated Story

March 25, 2015 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

I remember the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 well. I had barely left behind adolescence when, on the morning of Dec. 20, U.S. troops bombarded Panamanian airports and military bases. The pain I felt was deep and visceral. Civilian buildings were reached by “intelligent” weapons used by 26,000 soldiers from the [Read more]

Cuba and the United States

February 14, 2015 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

With these reforms, Raul Castro is not only confirming what Fidel Castro asserted in regard to communism not serving the interests of Cubans; he has also ended Commander Chavez and his heirs’ obsolete and parasitic strategy.