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‘Scandal’ Live

August 5, 2017 // El Mercurio - Chile - Spanish

It’s depressing and painful to think that something like this could be happening in Washington.

Melania and Ivanka

May 20, 2017 // El Mercurio - Chile - Spanish

Melania is absent. Could it be because of shyness, disinterest or a difficult relationship with Donald?

Now What, Trump?

February 1, 2017 // El Mercurio - Chile - Spanish

<i>With his predisposition toward Latin American style strongman rule, Trump could well be tempted by authoritarianism, especially when he sees that his populist measures, if that is the route he takes, don’t work in the medium and long term.</i> The imminence of the transition of power in Washington has everyone [Read more]

Cyber War

October 31, 2016 // El mercurio - Chile - Spanish

The dilemma is what retaliatory measures the U.S. should take to avoid escalating this action into a major conflict
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