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U.S. Nuclear Policy Is Hypocritical

March 12, 2010 // Sohu - China - Chinese

... as long as the world’s first nuclear superpower, the United States, continues to pursue an arbitrary nuclear policy, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty will be difficult to enforce and the global trend of rampant nuclear proliferation will not be able to effectively be contained.

West Puts China To GM Food Test

March 11, 2010 // China Daily - China

Western countries have been trying to "colonize" the production of rice, wheat, potato and other food products, too. Li says such seeds are more dangerous to China's national security than opium in the 19th century.

Why the Chinese Worship Money More Than Americans

March 10, 2010 // ND Daily - China - Chinese

(A Theory) Autumn Column: Why the Chinese Worship Money More Than Americans The whole world, including China, for various reasons, has always had a special impression of the USA. The belief in American society is that "money has the highest value," and Americans are greedy in nature. However, according to a recent [Read more]

Is U.S. Nuke-Free World Pledge Sincere?

March 10, 2010 // China Daily - China

For years, the US has been refusing to consider adopting a policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons, citing the needs of its strategic allies as an excuse. So there is reason to believe that the appeal of its two important allies in Asia and Europe may have prompted the Obama administration to carry out a "nuclear posture review".
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