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An Oscar for Perversity

February 28, 2019 // El Pais - Colombia - Spanish

Cheney cleared the way for his former bosses and friends to divide up the Middle East’s petroleum spoils with 9/11 as the perfect excuse.

Duque Visits Trump

February 17, 2019 // El Tiempo - Spain - Spanish

It should concern Duque ... that he is going to chat about international policy, peace agreements with FARC, and cocaine cultivation with the unpredictable Trump.


February 15, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

This is a different White House receiving President Duque, but one characterization of the relationship with Colombia still holds in spite of changing agendas: they are allies.

The Dismantling of the West

January 14, 2019 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

The slogan 'America First' has led ... to the decline of the West as the most important political, economic and military alliance that the planet has ever known.
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