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The Realities of September the 11th

September 7, 2007 // Ahora - Cuba - Spanish

The world still remembers the face of George W. Bush when - children’s book in hand and surrounded by primary school students in Florida - someone whispered into his ear that the country was under attack. It was September 11, 2001, and for long minutes the President’s face bore a ridiculous expression of [Read more]

America's Favorite Terrorist Goes Free

April 22, 2007 // Adelante - Cuba - Spanish

To give a more precise description of his professional profile, Luis Posada Carriles is an expert at setting off C-4 explosives with a very short fuse, who goes from Bush to Bush, and whose detonations have not been silenced or hampered by the outrageous justice system in the United States or its famous Patriot Act. [Read more]

Bush and the Cursed Gift

January 24, 2007 // Ahora - Cuba - Spanish

As always, the reflections of our head leader generate debate within the population. Some readers offer opinions to our newspaper. ‘The Commander keeps having an extensive vision of what is happening in the world and the problems which affect it . In these reflections what stands out is the rise in the price of [Read more]

Before the U.S. Destroys the World

January 17, 2007 // Ahora - Cuba - Spanish

During his eight day journey throughout the Middle East, Bush continued his sowing of violence, war, tensions, and instability in the already agitated Arab-Persian region; “a king’s present”, as it was called by Commander in Chief Fidel (Castro) in his latest reflections. The main objective of this visit so [Read more]
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