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Washington Punishes Supplier of Milk to Cuba

March 18, 2009 // El Economista de Cuba - Cuba - Spanish

Despite considerable pressure to change continuous, aggressive commercial practices waged against Cuba for half a century, the U.S. agency in charge of harassing providers serving the island nation has just lodged a fine of $20,950 against Lactalis USA, U.S. subsidiary of French giant Lactalis. According to the Miami [Read more]

Chavez: The United States Must Open their Fists

February 1, 2009 // Ahora - Cuba - Spanish

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, recommended a change in politics today to the United States if the country wants to receive the extended hands of the people south of its border. In his Sunday column, Las Lineas de Chavez, the Venezuelan president indicated that Barack Obama assumed the presidency of the United [Read more]

“The Dollar: Collapse and Alternative”

December 31, 2008 // El Economista de Cuba - Cuba - Spanish

When it was announced that countries of the ALBA (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras) and Ecuador had agreed to establish technical teams to create a monetary zone, starting by promptly implementing a “system of compensation and countable currency,” the international press confirmed the [Read more]

The Transition in Miami

December 30, 2008 // Granma - Cuba

The recent presidential elections and the defeat of the reactionary domestic and foreign policies that characterized the Bush administration have begun to influence the social and political atmosphere in Miami.
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