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Czech Republic

Book Review: Against the Workshop

April 1, 2012 // The Prague Post - Czech Republic

'A war has been raging in American literature for more than a decade, a war in which a tiny band of rebels, led by Anis Shivani, is valiantly attempting to storm The Establishment with less than rousing success.'

Do Americans Want Oil Socialism?

March 24, 2012 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

When it comes to real-life problems with the high price of a key commodity, suddenly it’s the federal government that's supposed to solve the issue.

Voice of America Celebrates 70 Years

March 3, 2012 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

For audiences in Czechoslovakia and elsewhere behind the Iron Curtain, the [Voice of America] radio station was a glimmer of hope and support in the dim grayness of the communist regime. It continues to promote freedom, democracy and good radio journalism

America’s Premature Farewell to Europe

February 17, 2012 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

It is time for the relatively wealthy countries of Europe, joined together in NATO, to fend for themselves. But the economic crisis will push European governments to further cuts. Thus it is possible that America’s supposition of Europe’s inherent security and self-sufficiency is still premature.

Presidential Elections on Twitter

February 6, 2012 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

Reporters covering this year’s election season in America have found a new form of entertainment: the regular exchange of opinions by President Obama’s chief advisor David Axelrod and Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s advisor Eric Fehrnstrom on Twitter. One of these exchanges began when Axelrod reacted in his [Read more]

Post-American World

November 29, 2011 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

The middle class, the societal bread-winner, is disappearing like snow in the sunshine, while the domain of the imagination has exceeded all healthy limits: Marketing is everything, reality nothing.

Ten Lost Years Since 9/11

September 17, 2011 // Mladá Fronta Dnes - Czech Republic - Czech

I don’t know how to put the diagnosis any more courteously, but the West has lost its mind since Sept. 11, 2001. It ceased behaving rationally and allowed a man directing a jihadist group from his caves to derail it from the real challenges of the future. The West is paying for it and will do so for a long time. [Read more]

Spotting Trans-Atlantic Spin

August 25, 2011 // Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

In Europe we’re still haggling over the future of the Euro zone and the entire European Union. The American media are clear about that. The EU is “down and out,” exhausted from its current problems, and in its present form has no chance of survival. Many of these arguments sound like stereotypes. [Read more]

New Era

August 13, 2011 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

With the words “Yes, we can!” Barack Obama announced a new era. Now it is really here, but not the way he imagined it. Standard & Poor’s has taken its AAA rating away from the United States. For the first time in history, America has ceased to be the world’s most reliable debtor, and the global economy has [Read more]
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