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R.R.’s Deadly Joke

February 12, 2011 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

Yesterday the entire advanced world recalled the hundredth anniversary of the birth of that great son of the American people, leader of the world middle class, actor, statesman and astrologer Ronald Wilson Reagan. His unsurpassed accomplishments in promoting the free market, the American lifestyle and Good over Evil [Read more]

The World after the Dollar

November 20, 2010 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

America has given up its role as economic anchor. When future historians try to date the fall of American dominance, November 2010 will be a hot candidate. The symbol of dominance was the exceptionality of the dollar. It was not a national currency, but an axis of worldwide financial stability. The dollar was the new [Read more]

American Anti-Americanism

November 2, 2010 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

We have (almost) a little period of peace following our elections. America’s elections are waiting for it. This coming Tuesday the entire lower chamber of Congress (House of Representatives) and roughly one-third of the upper chamber (Senate) will change. And two of today’s contributions to the newsstands of the [Read more]

How They See Us in Washington

October 23, 2010 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

<b>Focused on Brussels</b> Last year in July, leading figures of Central Europe, among them former Czech president Václav Havel, sent a letter to President Barack Obama expressing fears of Russian influence and calling on the American president not to “throw overboard” his allies in Central and Eastern Europe. [Read more]

Google Eyes Czech Market

September 8, 2010 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

<i>The world leader in search engines has started up its advertising campaign.</i> It has still not managed to threaten the dominant position of Seznam in the Czech Republic. Google has attacked the Czech Internet. The world leader in search engines operates in 181 lands; thus far it is not number one in only five [Read more]

What Comes After the Withdrawal?

August 24, 2010 // Lidové noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

Was it better under Saddam Hussein or now? For sixty years, the cliché held true in America that whenever the U.S. got stuck in a war, it was under Democratic presidents, whereas Republicans brought the soldiers home. Truman dragged America into Korea; Eisenhower ended that war. Kennedy and Johnson dragged America [Read more]
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