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The Campaign Never Stops

August 15, 2018 // El Periódico - Spain - Spanish

Trump hasn’t hit the campaign trail for the midterm elections coming up in three months, because he never got off the campaign trail.

This Could End Badly (Or Not)

November 17, 2017 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

During interviews granted to the media over the last few days, even the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, as well as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, wondered if Donald Trump would run for a second term in 2020, hardly hiding their fear (or their wish?) that the billionaire would crash the presidential vehicle into a [Read more]

The Dreamers’ Nightmare

September 17, 2017 // Proceso - Mexico - Spanish

Democrats have more to gain than lose with the “dreamers,” who, for the nightmare called Donald Trump, are more of an electoral bargaining chip than potential undocumented immigrants.
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