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The Holocaust According to the FBI Director

April 29, 2015 // Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland - Polish

On Sunday, Poland summoned the U.S. ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ambassador received a diplomatic protest note in response to remarks making Poland a nation that is co-responsible for the Holocaust, as stated in a comment made by FBI Director James Comey. The reaction of the Polish authorities was [Read more]

Arm Around the Waist

March 12, 2015 // Diari de Girona - Spain - Catalan

I understand that this attitude of friendly intrigue between the U.S. ambassador and the leader of a party which the government and the pro-government media define as radical Bolivian-style left must have surprised many people.

Obama’s Ambitious Agenda

February 11, 2015 // La nación - Costa Rica - Spanish

Upon presenting his sixth State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Barack Obama did not focus on summarizing the achievements of his administration but on utilizing them as the base for an ambitious agenda for the next two years and the years following them. During his speech, he defended what has been done up [Read more]

The Single Correct Lesson

December 19, 2014 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

Today’s Cuba is not that of yesterday. Obama’s new politics respecting the island state are more than logical. Cuba is a bridge on which both America’s could meet.
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