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Dominican Republic

Strange Proceedings

July 12, 2014 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

The president of the Dominican Republic Department of National Drug Control has revealed that the United States has withdrawn logistic support and intelligence resources being employed in the fight against drug trafficking and said that he does not understand the anti-drug policy that the United States is utilizing. [Read more]

The Wolf Has Arrived!

April 14, 2014 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

Long before 2004, when the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) was signed, the government and the private sector were advised about the need to unconditionally comply with a competitive schedule to be able to confront the challenges that would come with complete exemption of [Read more]

A Visa for Deguis Pierre

April 12, 2014 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

How do we consider the decision of the United States to grant a visa to an undocumented citizen, and at the same time, assign her a nationality that the "accepting" country does not recognize? The papers where the U.S. government stamped a visa for Mrs. Juliana Deguis Pierre, ascribe Dominican nationality to her, even [Read more]

In American Waters

March 22, 2014 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

While the State Department decries the alleged discrimination against Haitian illegal immigrants and their descendants, the Pentagon, under the leadership of the head of the Southern Command, is emphasizing its collaboration with the Dominican Republic to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from that country into the [Read more]

An Unspeakable Report

March 8, 2014 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

This time, the stale and repetitive report from the U.S. Department of State about the human rights situation in the Dominican Republic includes an aspect that openly lays bare the intention of the United States, sometimes hidden in the cloak of diplomacy, to consciously and expressly violate sacred and irrefutable [Read more]

Extradition: Something is Failing

February 11, 2014 // El Día - Dominican Republic - Spanish

Over the years, the United States has existed as an intimidating force against the large drug traffickers, and it was understood that in that jurisdiction, the traffickers were facing harsher judges, more drastic sanctions, and the greatest possibility of receiving prison without privileges for their crimes and the [Read more]

United States and Latin American Relations

January 16, 2014 // Listin Diario - Dominican Republic - Spanish

U.S. relations with Latin America have varied during the course of history. As the internationalist Robert Russell indicates in his work "Latin America to the United States: Special, Contemptible, Coveted or Lost?", they have been interpreted in distinct ways: Imperialist with foreign policy guidelines that have [Read more]

US: Mea Culpa

May 10, 2013 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

Never before has a resident of the White House admitted, like Barack Obama did Friday in Costa Rica, that U.S. consumers form a part of the problem that represents the rise of drug trafficking in Central America and the Caribbean. This historic mea culpa should push for the revision of the entire strategy for [Read more]
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