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Clandestine Drones

July 23, 2016 // Haló Noviny - Czech Republic - Czech

In recent days, news has surfaced that a request for permission by the U.S. Army to fly pilotless aircraft, which can be as large as cargo planes, has been awaiting our reply for two months already. Czech officials apparently don’t consider it necessary to inform the public about such things. Now there’s been a [Read more]

Obama’s Legacy

July 29, 2015 // Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

The political legacy the first black U.S. president will leave behind is suddenly clearly identifiable — but so is what Barack Obama failed to accomplish.

Why US Drones Make So Many Mistakes

May 9, 2015 // Panorama - Italy - Italian

<i>The CIA has abandoned intelligence activity. The effect of the accidental killing of Lo Porto on the possible use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Libya.</i> The death of Giovanni Lo Porto dates back to January this year, exactly three years after the Italian aid worker was kidnapped in Pakistan by an al-Qaida [Read more]

The Impact of Drones

April 21, 2015 // El Financiero - Costa Rica - Spanish

<i>Drones are going to severely impact our territory; insurance will be a safety mechanism for the responsible.</i> The existence of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) among us is already a reality. Used at one time by the United States government as part of its military strategy, today they are used in the [Read more]
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