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Our Perception of Drugs

February 6, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The calamity of criminality is drug trafficking’s worst by-product. The best way to fight it is by decriminalizing drugs and by legalizing tolerance.

Two Points of View

August 23, 2017 // El Pais - Colombia - Spanish

While the visit was a way of building on the continued friendship between our two nations, it's worth looking at the two issues of disagreement we need to resolve.

The Wall and Flaco

June 3, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

Getting around the border between the U.S. and Mexico is a profitable business for the cartels. The only way to put an end to drug trafficking and illegal immigration is to open the borders.

United States and Mexico: Self-Deception

May 31, 2017 // Excélsior - Mexico - Spanish

<i>Twenty years ago, statements by Rex Tillerson and John Kelly blaming the origin of violence in Mexico on the high consumption of drugs in the United States may have had some journalistic or sociological value. Today, the secretary of state and the Homeland Security secretary repeat banal phrases to which only the [Read more]

Look Who’s Talking

September 23, 2016 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

It’s unfair to include Caribbean and Central American nations on the list of large ports for drug trafficking.


July 19, 2016 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

The CIA’s record is enough to bring tears to the eye.

Happy Birthday?

February 19, 2016 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

The [Colombia] plan needs a funeral to bury the war on drugs rather than a birthday celebration.

From Plan Colombia to New Challenges

February 9, 2016 // El Espectador - Colombia - Spanish

For the eventual post-conflict period, which is coming, a new Plan Colombia would be very useful – one no longer centered on the military, but with the principal objective of building a peaceful social fabric.
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