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The US Economy Roars, but Will It Save Trump?

August 15, 2018 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

All things considered though, the economy is still the biggest arrow in the Trump quiver. If he can keep the issue front and centre, which isn’t easy, given the daily disruptions, the roaring economy will serve him well.

Geopolitical Chaos Is the New Normal

July 23, 2018 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

We also need to recognize that the seeds of discontent in the United States that Mr. Trump is fertilizing will continue to bear fruit after he leaves the White House. Attitudes about U.S. leadership and alliance solidarity will never be the same.

Trump Chooses Chaos

April 4, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The imposition of tariffs is a paranoid exercise and an example of ignorance of basic economic principles.
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