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In the End, the US Is in Recession … Once Again

June 16, 2015 // 24hGold - France - French

My dear contrarian ladies! My dear contrarian sirs! As you know — since you don't have the right not to know because everyone is making it known with drums, trumpets and all the fanfare — growth is coming back. What am I saying? Growth is back. Growth is there, prodding us from every corner. Ah, this holy growth [Read more]

US Projections for the 2030 World Economy Ranking

April 28, 2015 // Caixin - China - Chinese

The uproar caused by the formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank died down near the end of March. Through the formation of the AIIB, the Chinese government has been able to make both superficial and tangible gains. Even former United States Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence Summers issued a warning: “I [Read more]

Why US Fears Decrease in New Companies

February 17, 2015 // Caixin Online - China - Chinese

As 2015 arrived, large economic entities arose, oil continued to fall, the United States economy flashed a light of hope, the gross domestic product picked up the pace, the U.S. dollar exchange rate strengthened and unemployment rates fell. The Federal Reserve system is already pressing the "add interests" button, and [Read more]
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