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El Salvador

When Imperialism Targets Women

April 20, 2019 // El Pais - Brazil - Portuguese

If it is a mistake to reduce the Global Gag Rule to the question of abortion, it is not a mistake to describe that as one of many faces of U.S. imperialism that targets women and children.

The Northern Triangle

July 4, 2018 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

According to the Pew Research Center ... illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S. has decreased in the last few years, while it has increased for people migrating from the Northern Triangle.

The Most Inhumane Trump

January 12, 2018 // El PaĆ­s - Spain - Spanish

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw Temporary Protected Status from 200,000 Salvadorans living in the U.S. ... open[s] the door to one of America's ... most shameful mass deportations.
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