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El Salvador

The Trump Doctrine: A Look into the Future

August 2, 2019 // El Salvador - El Salvador - Spanish

Throughout history, American presidents have been recognized for their diverse and creative approaches to foreign policy. President Truman talked about “containing” the Soviet Union; Eisenhower, about a “new look”; Kennedy, of a “flexible response”; and Reagan, about “peace through strength.” With the [Read more]

Trump’s Reelection Recipe

July 17, 2019 // - El Salvador - Spanish

We should work to prevent people who crown themselves with influential roles as presidents and legislators from becoming false prophets.

What Deterrence Looks Like

July 6, 2019 // Pandaemonium - Sweden - English

A little boy lying dead on a beach, a father and daughter face down in a river – that is what deterrence looks like.

When Imperialism Targets Women

April 20, 2019 // El Pais - Brazil - Portuguese

If it is a mistake to reduce the Global Gag Rule to the question of abortion, it is not a mistake to describe that as one of many faces of U.S. imperialism that targets women and children.
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