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Federal Communications Commission

Net Neutrality

January 1, 2018 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

I have always imagined the internet as a major highway of information, one that can transport both large trucks and small vehicles. Net neutrality, considered one of the most basic rights for users and businesses, keeps that information highway from providing second tiers or lanes for those who pay, or for partners of [Read more]

Net Neutrality

December 23, 2017 // La Vanguardia - Spain - Spanish

The internet is a symbol of globalization and U.S. world hegemony based on the innovation and capacity to bring the future to the everyday lives of the majority of the planet’s 7 billion inhabitants. This premise explains the importance of a domestic but momentous decision for the future of the web: the U.S. Federal [Read more]

Trump Wages Personal War against US Constitution

October 14, 2017 // Dagens Nyheter - Sweden - Swedish

Perhaps the president of the U.S. is not so well acquainted with the details of how society and power works. However, don’t doubt that he knows exactly what he is doing. It is essentially about silencing everything he dislikes. The response to Donald Trump’s Twitter barrage about “revoking the license” for [Read more]

Yes, the Internet Is ‘Public Property’

March 5, 2015 // Le Monde - France - French

The FCC’s position fell firmly in favor of net neutrality in the USA, announcing a series of rules surrounding operators’ activities, which in future will prevent them from giving priority to certain content providers by making them pay more for better-quality access.

The End of Net Neutrality

February 12, 2015 // La Razón - Spain - Spanish

The Federal Communications Commission has arranged a very important event for next February 26th. This independent U.S. government agency, which is directed by five commissioners appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, will hold a net neutrality vote on February 26th. This new [Read more]