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September 24, 2019 // Al Madina - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

Trumpism is nothing but a few minor unrelated matters ... loudly pronounced by someone who will not understand tomorrow what he said today.

The Exit of ‘Hardliner’ Bolton

September 22, 2019 // The Phnom Penh Post - Cambodia - English

Donald Trump has got rid of a hardliner with the dismissal of John Bolton, the president’s third National Security Advisor in less than four years in power. While pivotal appointments are often off the merry-go-round, the occasional shuffling of the team underlines the discord at the helm of the White House and the [Read more]

US Being Forced To Surrender in Afghanistan

September 7, 2019 // Daily Mirror - Cambodia - English

Why should the US leave Afghanistan? After all, it offered the US an ideal location to set up a listening post to spy on China and Russia. At present, in Central Asia, the US military presence is almost zero. Therefore, Afghanistan, on the southern belly of Central Asia, which is Russia’s backyard and China’s [Read more]
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