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McCain and Obama Denounce Each Other as 'Flip-floppers'

June 27, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

The two presidential candidates spent last week calling each other “flip-flopper”, introducing a term into the 2008 campaign that had made Democrat John Kerry lose in 2004. While until recently John McCain denounced off-shore oil drilling, on Tuesday, June 17, he announced that he supported it, arguing that “the [Read more]

Obama on Michael Moore’s Turf

June 24, 2008 // l'Humanité - France - French

It was completely symbolic. Obama chose Flint, the city of General Motors, known globally from Michael Moore’s film, Roger and Me, as his location for presenting the great axes of classic liberal politics. Since Moore’s film was made, the city continues to be stuck in stagnation, haunted by the disappearance of [Read more]

Michelle Obama Works on Her Image

June 23, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

Since she has become the center of attacks and controversies, Michelle Obama, the Democratic candidate’s wife, has worked hard with the campaign team to modify her image. The first step, her noted appearance on the popular television show “The View,” on Wednesday, June 18. The Democratic first lady’s [Read more]

The McCain Enigma

June 21, 2008 // Le Figaro - France - French

Between the desire to separate himself from George Bush and the desire to cast a wide net, he has often changed positions and exposes himself to a particularly problematic accusation, which was fatal to John Kerry in 2004--that of a "flip-flopper."

Barack Obama Renounced Public Financing for Campaign

June 20, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

By not accepting any aid from public funds to finance his campaign, Barack Obama is giving himself a strategic advantage in the race to the presidency. It is the first time that a presidential candidate has not accepted public financing since the adoption of the campaign financing law in 1971. The Democratic [Read more]

McCain and Obama: Hostilities Grow Over The War on Terror

June 19, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

One week after the Supreme Court’s repudiation of the Bush administration regarding the legality of detainments in Guantanamo, the two American presidential candidates revealed hostilities in their discussion of terrorism. In his reaction to an interview between the Democratic candidate and ABC News on Monday, June [Read more]

The Clinton Way

June 19, 2008 // L'Express - France - French

Hillary Clinton had some moving moments during her eloquent concession speech on June 7th. The call to her followers and all women of her candidacy causing “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling,” – the invisible sexist barrier in American politics – could not hide the bitterness of failure due to a campaign [Read more]
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