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Why Obama Won Texas

March 9, 2008 // le Journal du Dimanche - France - French

Although beaten by Hillary Clinton in the Texas primary, Barack Obama can still claim victory. The voting system in that state could offer him more delegates than the senator, although less of the popular vote. In this tight contest for nomination,which is tearing Democrats apart, Florida and Michigan, punished, are [Read more]

A Wall in Virginia

March 4, 2008 // Le monde - France - French

A wall ? You have a wall ? Seated two hundred meters away from the wall, the lady at the Office of Tourism has seen nothing, heard nothing. The wall, 12 meters long by 3.6 meters tall, is visible from her window, but she “doesn’t know what it means (or what its function is). She does not know how to deal with the [Read more]

Why Obama Could Be Next President of U.S.

March 4, 2008 // Le Figaro - France - French

In order to understand the popularity of Barack Obama, we must take into account the profound cynicism of the American people towards their own politicians for the last fifty years. The capacity Obama has to move and inspire people has often caused comparisons to John F. Kennedy. Kennedy represents a mythical figure. [Read more]

Hillary: Underdog

February 28, 2008 // Le Journal de Dimanche - France - French

Barack Obama is now the favorite. During a televised debate featuring the contending candidates for the democratic nomination for the White House, Hillary Clinton seemed to be more on the offensive of the two, attacking her opponent for lack of substance and plagiarized words. The only political disagreement between [Read more]

Russia and America – A Return [to the Old Guard]

February 18, 2008 // 24 Heures - France - French

A new strategic dialogue between Russia and the United States has been undertaken so as to reestablish a system of controls over weapons and the joint fight against terrorism. This was Vladimir Putin’s suggestion during his last press conference as President, in front of 1364 journalists (excuse me!) and that had [Read more]

A Nuclear Power so Vulnerable to Islamism

December 28, 2007 // 24 heures - France - French

Who Benefits from the crime? The question is unavoidable in the aftermath of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Should I listen to some of her supporters, who already see a Machiavellian plan of President Pervez Musharraf to remove his main rival from the legislative elections of January 8, and even, why not, justify [Read more]

Global Fluidity and the Planetary Panic!

October 9, 2007 // 24 Heures - France - French

There is now a great deal of concern over the global effects of the American subprime crisis. Even our very own UBS [a financial services company], well known for its supposed prudence, didn't emerge from this risk mortgage affair unscathed - indeed, it ended up losing billions of dollars - and that says quite a lot. [Read more]

Iraq: The Worst is Yet to Come

April 11, 2007 // 24 heures - France - French

Yellowed images and memories that are finally fading. Anniversaries usually serve to bring to the surface a past that has little by little been slipping away. The date of April 9, which is when American troops entered Baghdad, doesn't fulfill that purpose. The images are still current. They are filled with blood and [Read more]
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