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Obama, Artificial Intelligence and French Politics

October 21, 2016 // Liberation - France - French

You must read the interview of Barack Obama by the head of the MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito, published by the prestigious American technology magazine Wired. From our side of the Atlantic, this long discussion has a lot of surprises: the head of state masters debates that we believed were reserved to a small sphere of [Read more]

The Price of Mistrust

October 15, 2016 // Les Échos - France - French

Mistrust toward politicians seems to be rising inexorably. It is democracy that will pay the bill, a bill that is infinitely higher than the price of a few lies during an election campaign.

Strange France, Lovely Country of My Illusions

October 15, 2016 // - France - French

I am hopeful that one day I will return to the U.S. with my head held high and that I will be able to laud France with a little arrogance.

No Knockout for Clinton, but Clear Victory in Points

October 9, 2016 // Le Point - France - French

<i>Trump’s aggressive and disconcerting style allowed him to triumph over his opponents in the primaries, but showed his limits against Hillary.</i> “You cannot win an election through debates, but you can lose them,” said someone close to Donald Trump. He could not have said it better. His candidate may not [Read more]
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